You want to be heard, supported & understood. Deep down, you want someone who can relate to your fears & struggles. Your story is important and you need to be an absolute priority.


I get that and that’s why I created my Connection Method. 


With my Connection Method, we work together to get clarity on what you really want out of your first home. We talk about your lifestyle, short-term and long-term goals.  We assemble a team that will all work together to make sure every single question you have will be answered and no stone will be unturned. 


You’ll have an understanding of the buying process so you feel empowered instead of confused. 


Your goals will actually are being put into action. That holiday you’ve been wanting to host will actually be in your line of sight. 


With upcoming major life events like an engagement, wedding, first child, more fur babies or an upcoming milestone birthday; you have enough on your plate. It’s imperative to work with someone who wholeheartedly knows what you’re going through. 

The Discovery:


We’ll first meet at a coffee shop in Ferndale or Royal Oak where I’ll go over the outline of how the home buying process goes and what steps are involved. We’ll get clear about your wants and needs in your home, as well as where you see yourselves in 5 years, so we can make sure to build some room for growth into your future home. 


I show you your client portal and how it works - it’s easy and streamlined so you’re not spending hours pouring over Zillow and MLS. 


We’ll also sign an exclusive buyer agreement and go over expectations you have for me so we’re all on the same page. Finally, we’ll set a date to go look at least six homes. It’s important to look at several home styles at first to get a further understanding on what you really would like in your home. 


The Meeting of the Minds:


You, your lender, and myself all have a conference call, in person meeting, or a Zoom call. If you don’t have a lender yet, I can set you up with one of my trusted partners that will work best for your situation. The reason why I’m so hands on in this process is so that all parties are  on the same page. 


Before we start looking at homes, we need to know if your pre-approval is your max budget or if there might be a little wiggle room. We also need to know what type of loan you’re getting and the usual turnaround time to get clear to close. This all will affect the type of deal we structure and the timeline for closing. 


I can help you with getting any documentation needed by underwriting. You can ask the lender and I any questions; I’ll also go over your goals with the lender to ensure they help you get the right kind of financing.

The Exploration:


Now, it’s time to look at at least six properties all in one day. We do this because you likely don’t know the full scope of what it is that you’re looking for, and the market moves fast so that it’s best to cover more ground in a short amount of time. This helps us be sure that you’re making the right decision, as a home is a big investment and you don’t want to have any lingering questions. When we put in an offer on a home, we want you to know that this is the home for you, hands down. 


Once we find “the one,” I draft and submit and offer in consultation with you, and if there’s any negotiations, I advocate on your behalf to get you the best deal and most convenient terms. Once we have a deal, I facilitate title work and inspection, and I work in conjunction with the listing agent, your lender, and title company to make sure everything is moving smoothly. 



The Lead up:


Once we have the clear to close, we set up a final walk through 48 hours prior to closing to make sure the home is in the same condition it was in when we saw it last. This is like the dress rehearsal for when you’ll walk into the home that you own. 


I also set up you up with all utility information such as gas, electric, and water to make sure it’s all transferred prior to closing, if possession begins at closing. I’ll also provide you with all municipal information so you know where to go to file deeds and get any other information relevant to your  city or township.  



The Toast: 


We close on your home on or before the targeted closing date at a mutually agreeable time for all parties. You’re greeted at the closing table with a smile and feel stress free.


Hopefully you like Tequila (and if you don’t we 'll work something else out) because you are gifted a bottle of Patron and a thank you card after you are closed on the property. I encourage you to keep in touch and ask any questions they have moving forward. Also I love when clients send me progress photos as they make their home their own and invite me back to see the finished product. 

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