You want to feel supported & understood. You want to work with someone who can relate to your fears & struggles. Your family is important and it needs to be an absolute priority.


I get that and that’s why I created my Alignment Method.


With my Alignment Method, we work together to get clarity on what you want out of your forever home. We talk about your family's goals, lifestyle and budget.  I'll make sure every single question you have will be answered and no stone will be unturned.


You’ll have an understanding of the buying process so you feel empowered instead of confused. You’ll have an understanding of the selling process.  You'll be clear on exactly what you need to do to get your home ready to sell for top dollar.


Your goals will actually move into action. That extra space you’ve been longing for will be insight. & that next addition to your family will feel good because you know there’s a room especially for them!


Upcoming major life events like your first child (or second or third), or more fur babies or a promotion at work. You have enough on your plate. It’s imperative to work with someone who wholeheartedly knows what you’re going through.

The Vision:

The Vision. We’ll meet in person or on ZOOM for a face to face meeting. The entire point of this step is to figure out what’s not working for your family. We’ll do a vision worksheet which will identify your ideal situation & help us narrow down what you want.

This step is all about getting clear on what you envision for your family. I’ll walk you through your future vision for your family, which I will provide to you  to hang on their fridge. Having a clear visual of future goals will help you get through being uncomfortable.

The Plan:

We’ll meet at your current home to go over the current condition of it. I’ll provide you with a thorough audit of everything that needs work to make your home appealing to the masses.  I’ll provide you  with a list of contractors (painter, cleaner, carpet cleaner, ect.) to help get your home in selling condition. This plan will include a date when we go live with your listing.


At the same time, we’ll create a few different plans for you so you feel comfortable selling your house. Sometimes we’ll need to sell before we buy.  We’ll have a few plans in place that will make you feel comfortable taking this leap. This plan might look like a 60 day possession clause or moving in temporarily with in-laws.

The Action:

We refer back to your  vision. We use that information to come up with a plan of action to find the house that will align with your vision. We go through what exactly you’re looking for in your new house & make a plan to explore those options. We’ll go out and see as many houses as needed until we find something that will work.

The Agreement:

This step is dependent on what type of house you’re selling. If you're selling a starter home priced under $215,000 we can shop for houses first. If the house you’re selling is more expensive or in a less in demand location the best option is to sell first. Then we can shop for a new house. Don't worry we'll have time to do this before you move out!


This step is where an offer happens. We put in an offer for the house you want & when we do this it’ll be based upon where & what type of house you’re selling.

The Alignment: 

This is when it all comes together, in alignment.  I set up closings for you that will allow for no gap in housing. We’ll close on the sale of your current home first to allow for financing of your next house.


You’re feeling supported because you know that no matter how these closings fall you have a plan in place. You’re so excited about being in a house that will actually work for your growing family.

Using The Alignment Method to find a home that will work for your growing family, you will:


-You’ll have a home that has enough space for your family.


-You’ll be able to host parties & gatherings.


-You will be close to family.


-Your house will have a better flow & layout.


-You will have officially started a new chapter in your life.